Granting Process


  • Does your organization have a great idea?
  • Does your idea have a well thought out and workable plan?
  • Does your plan take into consideration other local organizations to achieve a positive outcome?
  • Does your program/project benefit Lunenburg County Kids, youth, families, women, seniors or your community?
  • Are you a non-profit charitable group operating in Lunenburg County and process a valid charitable number as provided by the CRA?
Please see below for the requirements and documents necessary to obtain a grant from the United Way of Lunenburg County.

All funding applications are reviewed and evaluated by a committee of local volunteers.


Submission Guidelines
In addition, we ask that you consider the environment when submitting this year’s application and support documents by;

    • Submitting it electronically
    • Submitting it as one electronic file. You would scan your application as one pdf document
    • Please submit the file information in the following order; (This makes it easier for the reviewers)
          • Funding Application
          • Program budget
          • Funding History Spreadsheet (Chart A)
          • Board of Directors listing
          • Year to date financial statement
          • Most recent year financial statements
          • Final Reporting Form

If you received funding from the United Way of Lunenburg County last year please ensure that you have completed the Final Reporting Form. Submission of the Final Reporting Form is required before any consideration can be given for future funding.

The following supporting documents will assist you in preparing the Application for Funding.


Final Reporting Form
(For previously funded recipients only) 2020 Final Reporting Form

Funding Application Guide.
This guide is designed to help you complete the United Way of Lunenburg County application form by expanding upon the questions and headings that appear on the actual form 2020 Funding Application Guide

Application for Funding
All funding requests are evaluated by a committee of local volunteers. Please download a copy of our 2018 Application Form to your computer and complete the questions in the space provided. Simply mail or e-mail the Application with all of the required supporting documents. 2020 Application for Funding

Funding History Spread Sheet (Chart A)
This spread is to be completed by all applicants.
This spreadsheet will help the program evaluators assess  the program measurable as well as make it easier for year over year comparisons. This will benefit the United Way and the applicant. 2020 Funding History at a Glance


Letter to the volunteer citizen reviewers.

Guiding Principles Click here
Impact Areas Click Here
Allocation Criteria Click here
Stewardship Click here

Please forward all Funding Applications and Supporting Documents to:
Via e-mail

The United Way of Lunenburg County, Po Box 244, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, B4V 2W9

Have questions or require additional information?
Please contact Michael Graves, Coordinator
United Way of Lunenburg County
902-530-3072 (voicemail)
902-521-4704 (cell)

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  1. Dez says:

    Hello I would like to find out about getting food from the local food bank.

  2. Karen briand says:

    Would like help to start a small business in Bridgewater ..need help with business plan and financing..thank you

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