In these trying economic times, there has never been a better time to consider investing money in your own community. Increased economic challenges combined with government cutbacks are putting incredible pressures on our community and our people.

This year (2022), the United Way of Lunenburg County invested $216,358 to 31 Lunenburg County community groups and programs. The United Way operated an additional 10 programs.

2022 Funded Programs by Impact Area
2022 Funding by Geographic Area
Operated Programs 

But what if?

What if, every single working person in Lunenburg County contributed just 15¢ per day to the United Way of Lunenburg County?  If this were to happen, we would raise in excess of $1.2 million each and every year. Because this is money raised by the local United Way it must stay in Lunenburg County. It can’t be sent to Halifax, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto or beyond. It has to stay in Lunenburg County.

This is money that we could then invest to help our kids, youth, families, seniors and communities. We could build capacity, hope and opportunity.

For many Lunenburg County Community Groups and Organizations, funding from the United Way of Lunenburg County is the difference between a good program and a great program and in some cases simply no program at all.

Consider investing in your community by financially supporting the United Way of Lunenburg County. Community investment opportunities include:

  • Individual donations. Please click here.
  • Start or contribute to a workplace campaign. Click here for a list of participating businesses. Click here to find out how your workplace can participate.
  • Run a special event(s).
  • Casual Friday proceeds.
  • Remember us in your last will and testament.
  • Countless other opportunities only you can think of.

Whatever way you decide to contribute to your community; volunteering, through financial means or both you can rest assured knowing that “I made this happen, or my contribution bought this, or I actually made a difference.”

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