United Way of Lunenburg County focuses on children and youth because research tells us that this is one of the most powerful ways to address the root causes of social problems. By helping young people grow up strong and healthy, we can prevent the development of the problems that put huge burdens on the reactive systems in our society – like our health care system, our emergency shelters and our justice system (Browne, Roberts, Gafni, and Whittaker, 2001). Even more importantly, our efforts to help children and youth be all that they can be help to ensure that young people will devote their energy to building strong communities and healthier societies well into the future. Investments that build the resilience of children and youth are investments in the future. Action on the issues identified in this framework is essential, because children and youth in Canada today face a number of challenges that did not exist a generation ago

Every year approximately 60% off or funding is dedicated to helping kids and youth. Since 2006 the United Way has invested over $1.3 million dollars in supporting Lunenburg County youth programing.

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