Change starts here.
Right here.
Right here on your street, at your workplace, in your community.

Lunenburg County is changing into a strong and vibrant community. This is only made possible because someone or a few people saw the possibilities in trying something new, righting a wrong, fulfilling a need or satisfying a want.

It’s easy to participate in your community when you feel passionate or knowledgeable about a cause and participating is very rewarding – even the smallest efforts can make a big difference!

There are numerous ways to get involved, to make a difference, to change a life or lives, to bring out the best in communities and people.

If you don’t feel very connected or are new to our community start by reading your local Progress Bulletin newspaper.  Here local issues and opportunities are discussed and brought to the forefront, many stories have contact or organization names. Read the letters to the editor for discontent, but see the seeds and opportunity for positive change. Look at the Community Focus section to see what special events are coming up or what our many service clubs are up to. Chances are many of these community events and projects are powered by volunteers and could use your skills, ideas, commitment and passion.

The United Way of Lunenburg County has relationships with many community groups and has knowledge of many more. If you need some help connecting send us a note using the “Leave a Reply” function at the bottom of this page.

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