Current Community Needs

2 New Baby Barns Needed
2 for Hinchinbrook Farm for outside storage of items used to engage autistic children.
Call the United Way of Lunenburg County for additional information. 530-3072 or e-mail

Volunteers Needed
Learn a new skill, make new friends, share your expertise, make a meaningful difference in your community…
Lunenburg County needs you.
Hundreds of volunteer opportunities available throughout the County.
For more info call the Lunenburg Queens Volunteer Navigator (902) 298-2463 or e-mail

6 Responses to Current Community Needs

  1. Good day – I have two bikes here at my residence I am interested in giving away, along with a helmet. I am wondering if someone could pick them up, as we do not have a truck. Probably need a little tinkering.
    I live at 55 Pearl Street, up behind the Carding Mill, past Hortons Ins and cross the trail and as you commence the hill, we are here on the left hand side.
    Will await your reply. Thanks so much.

    • admin says:

      Excellent and thanks Debbie,
      When would be a good time to pick them up?

      Michael Graves
      The United Way of Lunenburg County

  2. RALPH JOUDREY says:

    I have several tricycles and 2 wheeler with training wheel bicycles I would like to donate but would need someone to pick them up as I do not have a vehicle large enough to get them to your location . Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Ralph,
      We won’t start collecting bikes again until the last week in September to the first week in November.
      Can you contact us again then?
      What area do you live in?

      Michael Graves
      cell 902-521-4704

  3. Mary Kent says:

    Hi, I have a barely used single storage bed purchased from Pine City to give away. It has two storage drawers, and the mattress and memory foam topper, plus the linen and new pink quilt
    Is also available for someone in need. I do not have a way to transport the items. My address is on Winburn Avenue, Bridgewater.

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