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Do your donations really make a difference in your community? We think so.

Above are 11 community impact videos that help provide a snapshot of the many valuable programs (Over 100 to date) that we help fund in Lunenburg County. (Click on the arrow(s) for more videos)

These community impact videos help illustrate the positive impact that our donors money is making in the community. We often hear how individuals have benefited from our funding and are now excelling at sports, have learned to read as a senior, have received their high school diploma, are getting better marks at school, youth once marginalized are now community leaders, people who were housebound are now back in the community and more engaged, many seniors are exercising and socializing more, parents of special needs children are getting the support they need sooner and not later, community halls are more vibrant, at risk kids are getting positive mentoring and a host of other positive outcomes.

All of this is only possible because of you, our donors. Please give today.

Please contact us with any requests or to provide feedback