Winter weather ahead folks, please consider PLOWING IT FORWARD

Winter weather ahead folks, please consider PLOWING IT FORWARD

The purpose of the Plow it Forward campaign is to engage people and encourage them to interact with, get to know and help their neighbours in need. We are encouraging people to adopt a senior or someone who is disabled by making a volunteer commitment to clear their snow this winter season. Seniors that clear their own snow put themselves at serious health risks that can result in bone breaking falls, heart attack and strokes. So your volunteer act of kindness this winter could help save a life. Snow shoveling or plowing can be done as an individual, family, a group of neighbours, business or school.

The Plow it Forward campaign works in any community or neighbourhood where there is a neighbour that wants to help a neighbour in need. Because of limited financial and staff resources the program is designed to be self-supporting. Meaning we encourage able bodied people to look around their neighbourhood to determine who might need a helping hand and then volunteer to be that helping hand. Their simple act of kindness could help save a life this winter. How cool is that.

A safe and supportive community is everyone’s responsibility.  We instinctively want this for our family and we strive to live in communities that embrace it. But in order to live in a safe and supportive community we all have to do our part. It all starts with you.


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