Lunenburg County is powered by volunteers.

They run our festivals, engage our youth, help our elderly and provide assistance to our community’s most vulnerable. They raise money, lick envelopes, cut the grass, mend, repair and build; they read, write and mentor; they sit and talk and play games with someone who is housebound; they drive the bus, sit on the Board, take notes and do the books. The community’s needs are endless and so is their passion to make a positive difference in Lunenburg County.

And it shows.

Lunenburg County is indeed powered by volunteers, but it still needs you.
Learn a new skill, make new friends, share your expertise, make a meaningful difference in your community… it will be a romance that you will treasure.

For volunteer opportunities in Lunenburg /Queens County you can start by calling the Lunenburg /Queens Volunteer Navigator at 902-277-1587 or e-mail volunteernavigator@icloud.com

Or send us a note at the United Way of Lunenburg County (complete the leave a reply form below.) We are looking for Board Members, Allocation Committee Board Members, people to help with our website, social media, fundraising and people to discuss the opportunities and rewards our community can achieve by working together.

8 Responses to Volunteer

  1. Monica Veinotte says:

    I am interested in volunteering and am wondering what your volunteer opportunities look like?

    • admin says:

      Hi Monica,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      There might be volunteer opportunities on our United Way Board or Allocation Committee.
      In addition many of our funded partners are always looking for volunteers to help with the important work that they do and to help support the funding that the United Way of Lunenburg County provides.
      What type of volunteering are you inter4sted in?

      Michael Graves
      The United Way of Lunenburg County

  2. Jennifer dominix says:

    I’m interested in doing outside yard work for seniors in the Bridgewater area

    • admin says:

      Hi there Jennifer,
      We have programs called Rake and Mow it forward. What we do is encourage able bodied people to reach out to seniors in their home area and ask if they needed help with their yard work. We ask this be done as a volunteer.

      Do you know of seniors in your area that could some help?

      Michael Graves

  3. Justin orman says:

    Hi i was wondering how I could volunteer with helping fixing the bikes

    • admin says:

      Hi Justin,
      Currently we have 3 groups fixing bikes. I could try to fix you up with the O’Regan Subaru Cycling Team. Do you know any of the club members?
      We start fixing the bikes in January/February.

      Your thoughts?

      Michael Graves

  4. Tom Martin says:

    I’d like to volunteer, and also make a donation. I am an experienced business person who is about to drop down to par time work and I will ha e dome time during the week to help out.

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